Game-Changing Moments: Unravelling Major Events Ratings & their Influence

Goodform captures in-depth fan insights from 2023’s major sporting events 

2023 showcased a multitude of global sporting spectacles, captivating fans with both annual traditions and the return of prestigious World Cups.

Since its re-launch earlier this year, The Fan Panel has engaged with sports enthusiasts, asking for their feedback on several major sporting events, The insights included preferences for overall favourite events of 2023 and the impact each tournament had on fans’ likelihood of following their respective sports throughout the rest of the year.

Golf Tops the Charts!

The Ryder Cup and The Solheim Cup claimed the top spots on the ratings leader board with NET scores of 8.7 and 8.4, respectively. The 44th edition of the Ryder Cup excelled in organisation and overall atmosphere, fuelled by Team Europe’s dramatic last-day triumph, accompanied by the heightened noise and tribalism from spectators.

The Solheim Cup also earned critical acclaim across all categories, standing out as a pinnacle of sporting excellence, with half of fans agreeing the event was at least as exciting as its male counterpart. Honourable mentions must also go to The Ashes Women’s Series and The Women’s World Cup, ranking 3rd and 4th, marking 2023 as a ground-breaking year for women’s sport!


Fan Favourite Events – The Rugby World Cup Tri-umps

The Fan Panellists have made their verdict, The 2023 Rugby World Cup has been crowned as the fan favourite event of 2023, securing 26% of the votes. The tournament provided fans with some of the greatest moments in the competition’s history.

Both editions of The Ashes also received high praise, with a 56% majority considering it among their sporting highlights of 2023 and acknowledging significant improvements over previous iterations (90% for the women’s event and 83% for the men’s), the most improved competition of the year across all events.


Challenges for Traditional Tournaments

Despite a momentous year of sport, some traditional events faced challenges, falling short to live up to fan expectations. The Cricket World Cup received low scores across the board, with 19% of fans admitting dissatisfaction. Criticisms from media sources ranged from low attendance to organisational issues. Similarly, Wimbledon, despite seeing the first new men’s singles winner in 15 years, failed to secure high rankings.

These sporting events, despite being a household name, experienced a decline in overall popularity with a lower reception amongst sports fans, suggesting that new approaches may need to be taken from rightsholders to reclaim the spotlight.


Inspiration Persists!

Nonetheless, major events continue to inspire and influence their viewers, regardless of the scores they receive. The World Athletics Championships, while not scoring exceptionally high, has influenced an overwhelming 70% of fans to consider following more athletics competitions throughout the year. Other impactful events included The Women’s World Cup (60%), and The Rugby World Cup (53%).

Whilst popularity may fluctuate, the power of big events can have a huge impact and their legacy and influence on the next generation of both athletes and fans will always prevail!