The Sportswise Customer Data Platform builds a Single Customer View from disparate data sources, allowing you to fully understand and utilise your audience data

Sportswise Dashboard

Joined-up knowledge of data across your business

Seamless integration with your existing infrastructure

Fan data insights at your fingertips

From data analysts, to marketeers, to CEO’s, the interactive Sportswise dashboard becomes a central insight hub... ensuring business decisions derive from data

Sportswise Dashboard


Enrich analytics by dragging and dropping data objects, with suggestions and automation provided along the way


KPI’s are visually displayed and tracked against to ensure analysis consistently aligns to businesses’ needs and objectives


Perform live segmentation on data to engage specific groups of fans in a couple of clicks

Ask the important questions of your data


How many season ticket holders have purchased a shirt so far this season?


Which members have opened a campaign since their membership lapsed?


Who are my international OTT subscribers and how are they engaging?


Insight-led omni-channel marketing campaigns

Deliver fans the right message, via the right channel, at the right time, using fan segments defined in Sportswise

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Data management made simple

Simplified GDPR processes

Enter limited information about an individual using the Fan Search module to attain all data stored about them via a Sportswise report. This can be reviewed internally and if deemed appropriate, passed on to the data subject, making Subject Access Requests (SARs) simple and GDPR responsibilities easy to adhere to.

Preference management

Bringing your data together and managing it in a single environment makes maintaining customer preferences easier and more reliable. Whether using a Goodform designed and implemented Preference Centre, or linking to one that is already in place, bringing this process into the Sportswise environment allows for a robust, reliable and fully auditable process to maintain customer consent.

An end-to-end solution

As part of the Sportswise suite of services, web sign up forms can be provided, or optionally API endpoints, allowing for data to be gathered directly into the customer data platform environment.


Trigger real time comms and automated welcome journeys, renewal reminders, birthday messages – you name it. If the data elements are available, Goodform can use them to customise and automate communications.

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