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Attain real-time fan insight to react quickly and effectively to the biggest moments and business challenges

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The future of fan research…

The Fan Panel is an online community of fans from across the world who take part in qualitative and quantitative research activities

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Your bespoke Fan Panel

Access your own panel of active fans who become a powerful source of information across your business

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Fan insight at the heart of strategy

Fully branded and customisable

Deeper understanding of fans

A valuable platform for fan engagement

The fan research toolkit

Benefit from an array of research tools that allow you to conduct research via your Fan Panel with ease, while keeping fans engaged


Internal & external surveys

Quick Polls

Closed & open responses

Focus groups

Live video & live text chat

Analysis tool

Built in reporting tool for detailed cross-analysis

Fan forums

Categorise by topic and thread

Blog posts

Peer-to-peer engagement and admin interaction

Fan diaries & photo albums

Visual libraries in response to research questions

Exclusive content

Via news stories & videos

An unprecedented way to understand your fans

Learn how to grow your audience with insight from your Fan Panel, and Goodform’s Sports Fan Panel

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Industry Insights

Tailored reports from the Sports Fan Panel providing industry-wide insights on a range of topics

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Benchmark fans’ responses

Compare and contrast your own fans’ opinions against fans of other sports and sectors

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Feedback from external fans

Capture perceptions of your sport and understand barriers to engagement from fans outside of your audience

Receive Goodform Panel management and expert consultancy, and choose to benefit from additional quantitative and qualitative research projects delivered by Goodform

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