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Personalised and highly targeted marketing campaigns powered by insight

Providing industry-leading campaign management & consultancy, including design, build and delivery services


  • Goodform email design or the option to build and send your own
  • Dynamic and personalised email marketing campaigns
  • Automated email journeys that deepen fan relationships


  • Dynamic content and personalisation
  • Support with messaging and timely sends during key periods, generating outstanding click-through rates


  • Targeted campaigns that increase brand awareness, provide relevant data growth and generate sales
  • Seamless integration of social data to Sportswise dashboards, allowing in-depth analysis and customer segmentation


  • Push notifications and personalised content that reach and resonate
  • Two-way integrations with website, mobile apps and OTT to target fans with the right message and up-sell

We ensure that data is at the heart of all campaigns, via

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