Celebrating The Success of the Women’s World Cup 2023

Following on from the resounding triumph that was the FIFA Women’s World Cup, Goodform captured in-depth insights of football fans, and the data accumulated from The Fan Panel speaks volumes about the tournament’s overall impact and influence. 

The tournament garnered an overwhelmingly positive reception, with fans regarding it as the greatest Women’s World Cup to date, and one of the standout sporting events of 2023. 

The results further highlight the unlimited potential of women’s football, with a majority of fans expressing their enjoyment of the tournament to be on par with the Men’s World Cup. This enthusiasm translates into an increased likelihood of fans tuning in to women’s football throughout the year. This is evident among our survey’s 71% male respondents, debunking the misconception that women’s football is exclusively appreciated by women.

Whilst it wasn’t meant to be for England on the night, it’s safe say that the Lionesses have made this country proud, and The Fan Panel’s data only proves this.

Goodform would also like to give a huge congratulations to 2-time Ballon d’or winner, and You First talent, Alexia Putellas!