The Future of Fan Engagement

Goodform publish their latest Fan Panel report, featuring in-depth fan insights on the leading methods of digital engagement technologies in the sports industry


Goodform’s latest report dives into the dynamic world of digital fan engagement in sports. Driven by fan insights, this in-depth publication provides sports rightsholders with strategic decision making when it comes to investing in the latest cutting-edge engagement technologies.


As the sports landscape continues to evolve, innovative strategies are constantly emerging to captivate fans and open up new revenue streams. This has seen the emergence of various forms of digital fan currency and social platforms; these include, Fan Tokens, NFTs, The Metaverse, Research Communities and Cryptocurrency, as well as the ever-expanding realm of Esports & Gaming.


These engagement tools, however, can create uncertainty as they provide risks not just to sports rightsholders, but also to the dedicated fans that purchase them, potentially impacting overall engagement and trust.


The Fan Panel analysed passionate sports fans to obtain their opinions and engagement preferences regarding the latest fan engagement technologies. Conducted from September to November in 2022, the following themes were constantly present throughout the report:


Young Fans: The Key Audience

Fans under the age of 35 are at the forefront of digital engagement. Their proficiency with new technologies as well as their overall grasp of digital currency and web 3.0 make them a pivotal demographic for sports rightsholders.


North American sports fans: Ahead of the curve?

North American based sports fans are far more likely to interact with forms of digital engagement, with Basketball and Baseball acting as leading examples. North American rightsholders have already established a robust presence in the world of digital fan engagement, maintaining strong partnerships with leading technology companies including Chiliz and


Education Education Education!

Proper education is essential when it comes to promoting several forms of digital products. Fan Tokens, NFTs, and Cryptocurrency are all built on unstable blockchain technologies, and a lack of education poses a substantial barrier to engagement.


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These findings, however, only scratch the surface of the results found in this publication. You can access the digital publication by clicking here.


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