The Ashes 2023: Thrills, Controversies, and Fan Insights Unveiled!

The 2023 edition of The Ashes was a thrilling spectacle rife with entertainment on and off the field. With five tests packed with quality cricket, fierce rivalry, and no shortage of controversies, this year’s instalment truly upheld its legendary reputation. 

Goodform turned to sports fans for their feedback on the now-concluded series. Utilising the power of fan data, The Fan Panel compiled valuable insights from cricket-enthusiasts across the 5 test matches, addressing the controversies, and exploring potential solutions to address test match cancellations caused by adverse weather conditions. 

The Fans’ Verdict: Assessing The Ashes 2023 

17% of panellists regarded The Ashes as the standout sporting event of 2023, with 56% of fans considering it to be one of the highlights of the year. Both the men and women’s series received high praise, with an overwhelming majority believing both competitions to be a step-up from previous instalments. Cricket rightsholders will feel reassured with the knowledge that a significant number of viewers are now more likely to follow cricket throughout the rest of the year (36%). 


Analysing the Ashes’ Controversies 

The 2023 Ashes was not without its fair share of controversies. A total of 41% panellists disagreed on England’s declaration in the first test, while only 25% supported it. 

Johnny Bairstow’s stumping divided opinion, as 46% of cricket enthusiasts deemed it to be against the spirit of the game, and that Australia should have withdrawn their appeal. A further 36% expressed their disapproval of Australia’s sportsmanship, but ultimately acknowledged that they were right to take the wicket. 17% saw it as quick-thinking and smart cricket from the Aussies.  


Tackling Weather Woes 

The penultimate test faced delays due to heavy rain, promoting a call for action. 70% of panellists believe more should be done to counter delays like this. Fortunately, an 80% majority of fans have embraced the idea of starting play earlier or finishing later, with 70% in favour of introducing a ‘reserve day’. 


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