Women’s Sport: Understanding Progress & Potential

Goodform’s latest publication captures invaluable fan data on the women’s sport landscape


Women’s sport has witnessed remarkable growth throughout the 2020’s, inspiring a new wave of enthusiasts drawn to the empowering feats of female athletes.

While significant strides have been taken, a majority of fans express a shared belief that more action is needed to level the playing field.

Goodform’s latest publication, in collaboration with Women In Sport, builds upon a report from 2020, providing in-depth fan insights on a variety of key discussions, celebrating milestones, addressing the challenges needed to be overcome, and exploring the unlimited potential for the expansion of women’s sports worldwide.

This report offers sports rightsholders and governing bodies an unparalleled insight and strategy on the women’s sport landscape, empowering them to make informed decisions and strive towards achieving gender equality in the realm of sport.


Here are some of the key insights uncovered…


Breaking Barriers & Challenging Stigmas

More education is needed when it comes to the challenges faced by women’s sport. Whilst perceptions have seen positive shifts compared to 2020, there is still some way to go, particularly amongst male sports fans with regards to views on pay, media representation & growth.


Participation & Grassroots

60% of sports fans have noticed an increase in female participation in grassroots sport in recent years. However, a lack of funding is the biggest perceived barrier to female participation, followed by a lack of facilities.


Affordably & Family Friendly Atmosphere

2 in 3 fans agree that women’s sporting events are better value for money and more family friendly when compared to men’s sports. Additionally, 43% of fans find women’s sporting events to be better value for money when compared to the men’s game.


Increased Media Coverage is Essential for Growth

A majority of fans agree that women’s sports are just as exciting when compared to the men’s game and would watch them more if they were more readily available.

Events being available on free-to-air TV, is the most important driver of growth for women’s sport, as echoed by 70% of fans.


Fans Back Flagship Venues

Over half of fans want to see women’s sport events played at flagship venues regardless of the number of tickets sold, with demand increasing by 13% since 2020.


Social Media & the Gender Gap

Opinions are still divided; there is still some way to go before female sport correspondents and pundits receive equal representation in sports media.

3 in 4 fans agree that it is necessary for women to contribute to both men’s and women’s sport.


A Greater Need for Awareness

A lack of knowledge of women’s sport campaigns highlights the need to raise awareness of campaigns that address the daily challenges faced by female athletes.


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