The Olympic Channel

Goodform Insights – The Olympic Channel – Can It Keep The Flame Burning?

The Olympic Games, ‘the greatest show on Earth’, is watched by at least 800 million sports fans worldwide. And yet, with more people viewing sport online and streaming than ever before, the Games must not stand still. Introducing… the Olympic Channel.

With the Olympic motto “faster, higher, stronger” ringing true, the development of the Olympic Channel OTT platform by the International Olympic Committee, is a move to meet the growing demand of sports fans around the globe.

In the latest Goodform Insights article, Commercial Consultant Steven Gould draws on his first-hand experience, and almost 10 years with the British Olympic Association, to explore the past, present and future of the Olympic Channel. He explores: what it’s trying to achieve, the challenges it faces, and most crucially what it needs to achieve to successfully attract to the Olympics a new generation of fans, who are becoming ever more difficult to reach.

As ever, Goodform Insights draws upon multiple data sources. Insights sourced from Goodform’s always engaged Sports Fan Panel, and Global Web Index, underpin strategic recommendations invaluable to sports organisations – focusing on OTT in particular.

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